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Sydney has the most liveable weather conditions all year around which also makes it the perfect environment for termites to live and thrive!

Termites (also commonly referred to as white ants although they are not ants at all), season is usually late spring, as this is the time when adult termites leave their old colonies behind to build new nests.

Termites aren’t fussy about the houses they choose to invade to live and feed on. If they deem it edible, then the walls of your house, the floorboards, wooden doors even your furniture can be called home! A house that is over 25 years old is more likely to attract termites over a newer house, this also doesn’t mean that a new house isn’t going to stop an invasion if you build near an existing colony.

Other perfect food sources include:

• The presence of trees around the house
• Wooden fences and retaining walls
• Wooden logs and fire wood piles
• Wooden decking

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Commercial Pest Control

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Residential Pest Control

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How do you know you have termites? The first sign is the presence of flying termites as the weather warms up in late spring. Keep an eye out for loose wings on the ground, in bathtubs, vents and sinks and along window sills. You may also start to notice sawdust where termites have started to build tunnels and holes appearing in exposed wood. Bear in mind they are a dark loving nuisance, working away in the dark and very hard to spot.

The earlier you detect termites and get professional help the better off you will be! The first step to managing termites is a termite inspection. A full inspection must be carried out to any building or house before any treatment for termites is undertaken. This will allow the pest control expert to ascertain where any termites exist before the treatment starts.

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