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Silverfish are considered to be a household pest. They are generally a shy insect that causes damage by eating various food and household items including: cereals and sugar, book binding, wallpaper and clothes.

Silverfish are mostly active at night, when it is dark and quiet. You may find them in the bathroom, kitchen cupboards, garage, office, floor crevices, in your wardrobe or under the fridge, under the bed – basically anywhere! They like warm most environments. A Silverfish dream location is your bookcase, as they are attracted to the glue in the book binding. You may find that your bookcases are an ideal hiding place for them to be setting up house.

Silverfish are a chewing insect that will eat anything. The Silverfish diet includes anything from vegetables, hair, dandruff, photos, linen, cotton, silk, glue, to their own moult and other insects. Once they found a good food source, they may become difficult to get rid of from your home, this is when you need to call us in to work on an extermination plan.

Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control

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Residential Pest Control
Residential Pest Control

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Simple strategies to assist with managing Silverfish include:
• regular cleaning
• regular checking of areas that would attract silverfish
• reduce moisture in your home that encourages silverfish
• eliminate any cracks or crevices
• store paper materials as best you can in air tight containers
• store food in air tight containers
• vacuum regularly and whenever and wherever you spot silverfish
• regular inspections from a pest control expert

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